New Games: Flower Frenzy & Sushi Star to Grow Active User Base


Toronto, Ontario – September 29, 2021 – Royal Wins Corporation. (CSE: SKLL) (“Royal Wins” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that the Company has launched the latest version of its flagship pure skill app: Kash Karnival. Kash Karnival V5.6 is available now on iOS & Android platforms (Download also available at

Kash Karnival V5.6 includes key features including two new games Flower Frenzy and Sushi Star which follow the success of Kashmore Katacombs & Match Maker in the Company’s previous V5.5 release. Both Flower Frenzy and Sushi Star continue the expansion of Royal Wins’ pure skill puzzle and action game portfolio. In addition to visually stimulating graphics and gameplay, Royal Wins’ game developers have added a new feature to reward Kash Karnival players who can now earn bonus Kash Coins on top of their winnings geared to promoting increased Return-To-Player (“RTP”) metrics within the Kash Karnival platform.

Lead Game Producer Lindsay Hannah commented: “We continue in our journey of building games that are easy at the outset hence maximising player retention & conversion but hard to master in order to keep players engaged and invested. As with all our games, winning is ultimately a test of skill. We expect this puzzle-action hybrid game to increase game frequency of both action & puzzle players and increase their session duration. New content & games are essential in preventing gaming fatigue and increasing user retention.” 

Flower Frenzy and Sushi Star will join Kash Karnival Games such as the shooting action game, Dastardly Deep which attracts paying players due to its easy mechanics but maintaining good RTP metrics due to a very difficult boss level. Dastardly Deep remains one of the most successful action games on the platform. Action and Puzzle-Action Hybrid games will enable Royal Wins to capture a broader market of users while fulfilling the role of a low barrier of entry for paying players to enjoy the thrill of skill gaming & wagering.

Additionally, the Company has issued 60,399 common shares of the Company priced at C$0.185/share to a third-party development contractor as partial consideration for services rendered.

Royal Wins is an innovative digital games studio pioneering skill game wagering and betting on mobile casual games. Established in 2014, we design, develop, and operate real money wagering skill games, to disrupt and dominate the online gaming space such that all players of legal age can play and win life-changing jackpots and prizes on their skill instead of only on chance and odds. Our primary innovation and intellectual property centres around solving big data problems around skill gaming mechanics, algorithms pertaining to balancing cash jackpots, game difficulty modules, and maintenance of Return-to-Player (RTP) percentages. 

Royal Wins has released a suite of pure skill mobile games on Android and iOS mobile/tablet platforms via their skill gaming app, the Kash Karnival.

Royal Wins is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol SKLL.

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